Perception: Another Way Of Thinking About It

freedomOne thing that became obvious once I shifted was how the triad of seer-seeing-seen no longer made sense when thinking about experiencing. While framing experience in those terms felt totally natural before the shift, it now referenced elements that was no longer part of my experience.

But there’s another way to talk about experience, a way more in line with what was now readily apparent after the shift, and I figured that I should write a few lines about that now since this new way of describing our experience might even help somebody to shift if they’re ripe enough.

So, when thinking about experience, don’t think of it in terms of seer-seeing-seen – instead think of seeing using an adverbial modifier. That is, instead of saying (or thinking) “I see a dog”, say “I see dogly.”

In other words, you’re not describing an ‘object’that you see, but you’re instead describing the way in which seeing manifests. You’re describing the way in which awareness modulates itself – that is, dogly.

And taking it further: since seeing and being are one and the same, you’re not really seeing dogly – you’re being dogly.

Experimenting with this new way of thinking about experience might begin to break the habit of conceptualizing percepts into objects, which is the apparent mechanism by which we’re bound, and the dissolution of which equals total liberation.

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