By Göran Backlund


This work will guide you through every step in dismantling the notion of the external world. It will ruthlessly and effectively reveal and dispel any wrong-thinking surrounding this idea upon which all else stands.

The purpose? To unburden you from all notions of ‘self’, allowing you to directly discover the raw, non-dual truth of Being.

This isn’t the first book that tackles this subject. But others have left it at “we can’t really know whether there’s anything beyond our experience,” while I go all the way and say that we can know – and in this book I’ll show you exactly how and why this idea of an external world beyond our perceptions is nothing but a figment of our imagination.

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This book will dispel any wrong-thinking that’s standing in the way of awakening. It’ll show you exactly why the external worldthat is, an objective physical universe of time and space—doesn’t exist – and thereby reveal Consciousness as, not only the ground of being, but as the ultimate reality of all.

“Through the discovery of a simple but fundamental error of thought, in Refuting the External World Göran Backlund does nothing less than put forth a sober and irrefutable argument as to how and why an external physical world cannot exist.To effortlessly see for yourself how and why the existence of an external physical world is logically impossible, is like to having the master key to any existential question.” – Kristoffer Lindgren