Besides my own work “Refuting The External World,” you should definitely read these books. Of all I’ve read on philosophy and spirituality, these books are the ones that matters.

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  1. Peter says:

    Goran, came upon your site thanks to a link from Ran Prieur. I agree with your book recommendations, and look forward to your contribution to this autobiographical project. I also would like to call your attention to the best book on consciousness I’ve read: “Consciousness is All” by Peter Dziuban
    Peter Jones

    • Göran Backlund says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      I’ve read “Consciousness is All” and I agree that it’s very good. In fact, that book was what got me really interested in this stuff.

    • david johnson says:

      His latest book ‘Simply Notice’ is even better in my opinion…clearer and simpler

  2. Mark says:

    New book by Jed McKenna has come out recently:

  3. Ruth Crain says:

    I received an email from you regarding your ebook “Uncovering Life.” I read it online; however, I wish it were in paperback so I could purchase it and also give it to others. Is there any chance that this will happen. I am reading, ” Cconsciousness Is All” and it is blowing me away. I have two grandson’s (twins) who were accepted at Yale last year. They are interested in science, chemistry, and will be getting into “Physics” at some point–they know I’ve always liked physics. However, I would like to give them a paperback book of “Uncovering Life” as well as, “Consciousness is All.” Just want to wait until they are at Yale longer–maybe in another year or so….then I would like to give them these “gifts” of love. Thank you! Ruth Crain

    • Göran Backlund says:

      Hi Ruth,

      I’m sorry, but at this point I can’t offer a paperback version. Maybe down the road!

  4. c says:

    Goran (if that is your real name), your writing style is exactly the same as Jed’s. I say you and he are one, and I don’t mean that in a spiritual sense.

    • Jon says:

      Nah. Jed’s voice is distinctly different, but I am very happy to have stumbled across Goran. The clarity of presentation of the material in the book is awesome. Jed’s prose is also well presented but a bit more sophisticated in terms of word choice. But this sometimes makes the sentences more difficult to understand, at least for me, as always.


  5. Mark says:

    FYI, two latest Jed McKenna books still missing from the list:

    – Theory of Everything: The Enlightened Perspective

    – Play: A Play by Jed McKenna

  6. Trovitch says:

    So nice to see Wei Wu Wei here. I was thinking of sending you a message saying how you are carrying on his message. Thanks for your great work.

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