I am the absence of myself

No selfThere are no entities. Object and subject are entirely created in a mental process of objectivisation known as dualism. When this process ceases, object and subject vanish, and phenomena is no longer regarded as such, but recognized as pure subjectivity, which alone remains. This is awakening. The realization that objects and subject are not, is also the realization that there is no “me”.

Some refer to this pure subjectivity as “I”, not because there is anything personal about it, but because “I” is the only word in the english language that doesn’t denote an object, but subject only – here, not the pseudo-subject that we usually take ourselves to be (which is in fact an object), but the pure subjectivity which is all-there-is and thus this-which-we-are.

Identification with this-which-we-are is unnecessary, because there is nothing other than this-which-we-are; there simply isn’t any need to distinguish “I” from anything else, since there is nothing else.

What is indicated by the word “I” is not a self, a being or any kind of entity whatever, but the absence of those and the absence of all objectivity, which in the final analysis, is all there really is.

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  1. BIG JOYFULL OOPS HERE, after reading this and essay on how the brain objectifies the obvious, this synchronicity to see on my FB home page seems reality unfolded the “oops” seeing from my initial contact with listening to the “London meeting audios” and immersion in Ilona’s blog. Something BIG is happening here. Thanks for posting
    Harriet Hilker

  2. David says:

    To me the “I” sounds a lot like the Tao, while object & subject might also represent Yin & Yang. My thinking these days is couched in eastern philosophy, tai chi training, etc. so the reference to dualism drove my thinking right to that area. Of course, these comparisons I’ve made may change as my intellect chews on these concepts for a while. This takes some real perseverance of thought, at least on my part, because I keep bumping up against the ego.
    So then if all is subjective, then I wonder are we manifestations of the Tao…

  3. khashayar says:

    the process of objectivization/conceptualization governs lives… its the continous outcome of interplay of historical institutions, functioning on various level with various level of efficiency… to create the dillusional equlibrium you defined as subject-object relation. without the complete deconstruction of this algorithm.. your awaking is merely impossible… and i have doubts whether the process is “completely”reversible for “‘all”

  4. Eezy Isempty says:

    Friend Goran,

    Aha, and thanks for all the fish…

    Eezy Isempty

  5. John says:

    Another amazing article, Goran!

    I like the picture, too. A kind of Enlightened Eyes wide shut, haha,

    Cheers, mate!

  6. Rational Being says:

    Objects, senses, mind, intellect, reason – all exist for self. Self is immanent in them and gives them life and meaning and yet it transcends them.

    Self can only be realised by transcending the empirical subject object duality.

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