I am the absence of myself

No selfThere are no entities. Object and subject are entirely created in a mental process of objectivisation known as dualism. When this process ceases, object and subject vanish, and phenomena is no longer regarded as such, but recognized as pure subjectivity, which alone remains. This is awakening. The realization that objects and subject are not, is also the realization that there is no “me”.

Some refer to this pure subjectivity as “I”, not because there is anything personal about it, but because “I” is the only word in the english language that doesn’t denote an object, but subject only – here, not the pseudo-subject that we usually take ourselves to be (which is in fact an object), but the pure subjectivity which is all-there-is and thus this-which-we-are.

Identification with this-which-we-are is unnecessary, because there is nothing other than this-which-we-are; there simply isn’t any need to distinguish “I” from anything else, since there is nothing else.

What is indicated by the word “I” is not a self, a being or any kind of entity whatever, but the absence of those and the absence of all objectivity, which in the final analysis, is all there really is.

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