Exposing the error of objectivity

Saying it simply…

There is no way to assert the independent existence of space—or of anything at all—without imagining it in ways of how it appears to us – and since how it appears must be determined by the nature of our apparatus for experiencing, any claim of existence independent of such apparatus involves a contradiction.

From this follows that objectivity as such is a fallacy of the human mind, there can be no external world, and ‘this’ is all there is.

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  1. Akua says:

    I’ve had someone make an ieritestnng point: namely, whether or not truth is subjective is not nearly as important a question as Whom is truth subjective in relation to? The answer then provided is that truth is that which is true relative to God, who is a personal absolute. For all intents and purposes, this refers to what most of us term objective truth , however it does avoid the supposition that rigid, compassionless, impersonal absolutes are what underlie reality.The idea that truth is subjective on a human level is quite silly, but I think it’s possible to have all truth subjective in relation to an Absolute Divine Being I think that omniscience and omnipotence is probably a good reason to have all truth relate to oneself.

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